From the recording Before The Fall

 Like a lot of the lyrics I find myself putting together, the cryptic lines here are the combining of two different story lines/ideas, totally unconnected, unrelated, with nothing in common.
 I’m learning not to ‘give away the store’ by explaining every detail and inspiration for every word I write; I’ve observed listeners many times do (and should) “fill in the blanks” and take what they hear and allow their own imaginations to provide meaning.  They might try to guess what I was specifically thinking about when I wrote something, but a lot of the time they would be wrong.
 If I’m specifically asked, I usually share at least part of the thought behind the lyric, but I think it makes a more memorable and interesting song when you’re not sure what the writer is singing about.  It makes you listen more closely for clues and makes your own perceptions work to create possible explanations.  It’s just possible that your personal interpretation is deeper and more meaningful than what was on my mind when I wrote it. . . maybe . . .  ;>)


Before The Fall
 ( R. P. Maddox © - 2014)                   
You say everything happens for a reason
I say I’ll never understand it all
Life was taken out of season
Pride had gone before the fall . . .
Images captured in a window
Time and place I can’t recall
Don’t know why that fool is smilin’ . . . .
Pride had gone before his fall . . .
 Talking heads drone - try to make sense where there is none
But they refuse to heed our call
They won’t admit the truth so they call it what they want to
And pride will go before their fall . . .
 Everything happens in its’ season
I’ll never understand it all
Common sense has abandoned reason
And pride has gone before the fall . . .
And pride has gone before the fall . . .