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   For some of us there is no choice - we have to make/play music.  Even if it's only on the back porch or alone in our room . . . it's a compulsion.  When others notice and appreciate what we do it's a bonus.  If someone is touched or affected by what we do it's a blessing.

   To ignore or squander a gift diminishes the recipient and the giver. When the gift comes from God and is wasted or refused, we rob ourselves of blessings, rewards, and joys that we could not foresee.  By extension we take from those whom could have been blessed by that giving, and grieve the Father's heart for the opportunities  lost. 

  I have to constantly remind myself of these things so that I may not be found to have wasted what I have been given.  So appreciate what you have while you have it - be kind - know things are not now what they will be. 

  I invite you to allow me a few minutes to share some of what I've been given.  My sincere hope is that you'll enjoy what you find . . . . .